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SafTfence Birch & Fence

SafTfence’s mission is to be an innovator in finding better ways in which to protect the performance horse and its rider with state-of-the-art technologies in equine jumps, plastic birch and plastic running rail.

Protect the Horse - Protect the Rider.

With nearly twenty-five years of observation, inspired by British & Irish jumps racing fence and hurdle standards and three years of research and development, March 26, 2010, SafTFence introduced to National Steeplechase Association (NSA) horsemen at Springdale Training Center in Camden, SC USA, a new patent-pending hurdle, steeplechase and equestrian fence. SafTfence consists of a new, taller and more durable plastic birch branch stuffed into a lower, lighter plastic fence frame. This steeplechase fence was designed from a horsemen’s perspective and is now manufactured here in the United States and distributed throughout the world.

All products are available for nearly every equine discipline including steeplechase racing, steeplechase schooling and cross country. We invite you to learn more about SafTFence.

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SafTfence in action at the NSA sanctioned Queen’s Cup Steeplechase Races